Sweet Pea Start, 4 Count

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Love sweet peas as much as we do? Grow your own this summer! Now is a great time to get them in the ground and watch them climb. Our sweet pea starts are mainly Spencer type, chosen for their fragrance and appearance but also for a longer stem length - suitable for cut flowers. The Gallatin Valley has a climate suited for sweet peas, allowing them to produce flowers throughout the entire summer. Keep them cut before producing their pea pod seeds to watch them bloom all summer!


We have grouped them into 4 color themes. Each 4 pack will have the variety names in their pots. Many will conatin duplicates of varieties. Choose your sweet pea colors below!

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  • Plant outside 8" apart and an inch deeper than top of soil two weeks before last frost. Plant along a climbable fence or create a trellis for them to climb. Dress with compost, general fertilizer, and bone meal for extra nutrients. Cover in the event of a hard frost.




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