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CSA Loyalty Discount automatically applied when purchasing a spring, summer, and fall CSA share!

Community Supported Agriculture 

If you love fresh flowers, and love to support locally grown products, we would love to invite you to join Kokoro Flowers’ 2023 Flower CSA!
What it is, How it works:

What it is: CSA (community supported agriculture) is a great way to support your local farmers, and to have access to the freshest flowers available from the Gallatin Valley.

How it helps your farmers: by purchasing pre-season, you help us cover our spring up-front  production costs that help us secure a great and healthy growing season ahead. It is a partnership that we greatly rely on, and appreciate your commitment to seeing the season through.​

How it works: as this is a subscription option, we provide our customers with pre-designed bouquets and buckets filled with the freshest, in season blooms so you can experience the floral summer that we grow in our fields. Everything we offer is what is in abundance, and in season. 

Partnership: The CSA model is based on farmer/customer partnership. We ask for your early support with the understanding that we are doing everything in our power to provide you with healthy, organically grown, seasonal products made available to you during the indicated season. As farmers, we encounter many obstacles that we cannot always for-see, and with seasonal challenges, we may stumble once in a while. We are so grateful to our CSA members who understand that each week may not be perfect, maybe some weeks may not be completely fulfilled, but our promise as the farmers, is that we will ensure a full experience, fulfill your entire purchase by the end of the season.


Subscription Options:

2023 Spring Blooms Bouquet CSA: week of 4/30 - 5/28

2023 Summer 12 week Bodacious Bouquet: week of 6/04 - 8/20

2023 Summer 12 week Garden Bucket: week of 6/04 - 8/20

2023 Fall Bloom Bouquet CSA: week of 8/27 - 9/17


Pickup Locations:

Tuesday Bozeman Farmers' Market: 5-8pm

Tuesday Big Sky (Spring CSA ONLY) TBA

Wednesday On Farm pick-up: 2pm – 8pm

Wednesday Big Sky Farmers' Market: 4pm – 8pm

Saturday Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market: 9am - 12 pm

Saturday Amaltheia Plant Sale (Spring CSA ONLY): 10am-2pm

CSA Loyalty Discount automatically applied when purchasing a spring, summer, and fall CSA share!

Purchase CSAs Here!

Additional Flower CSA information and questions:

*For folks who would like to purchase more flowers on any given week, visit our Farm Store page to add any flowers or vegetables to your pick up.


*On Farm Pick Up location is 13344 Springhill Road. Please inquire through our contact page with any questions you might have!


*Want to sign up after the CSA season has begun? No problem, we would love pro rate your CSA for the amount of weeks left upon signing up! Please inquire via email, or in person at The Farmers' Market!!


*Flower CSA members receive 10% off all purchases at our Farmers’ Market booths.


*Cancellations: We are unable to refund payment for any cancellations. However, if you are unable to pick up on any given week, let us know ahead of time and we can make other arrangements for that weeks share. If you would like, we can ‘gift it’ to a friend, or we can simply cancel your bouquet for that week. We can also schedule another On Farm pick up day for that weeks share!

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