About Meara and Travis

Colorado native Meara, and Wyoming born Travis, started Kokoro Flowers in 2015. In working with three small organic farms between Colorado and Montana, Kokoro Flowers was born from their knowledge and support. 

Meara, growing up in a dual culture home, and further experiences in and out of college, somewhere/some how became smitten by the organic farming ethic. Beginning in 2011, Meara worked on small organic farms in Colorado and Montana. Her interest in growing flowers developed at Raincrow Farm in Paonia, Colorado. Her first independent flower venture- a part time endeavor- began in 2015 at Ploughshare Farm in Moiese, Montana. 

Travis, a kayak enthusiast and former wildland firefighter, met Meara and became enthralled with farm life in 2015. He fortuitously began a summer of farm work along side Meara at Ploughshare Farm. In between work at the four-acre organic vegetable farm, they spent their time tending to a quarter acre of flowers. Harvesting into the evenings and arranging bouquets into the night, Meara and Travis inadvertently began developing systems to help them with future pursuits. 

The following year, Meara and Travis took their first steps in their vagabond farming adventure- moving from Moiese to leasing one acre of land from an existing organic farm in Bozeman, Montana. Splitting their work and time- Meara full time at the farm, and Travis a wilderness trails employee with the US Forest Service- they expanded their business to local Bozeman/Belgrade/Bigsky grocers, florists/designers, events, weddings, farmers’ markets and other local businesses. 

In 2017, Meara and Travis settled on leased land in Belgrade, and began their full time commitment to growing organic flowers. They will continue to cultivate flowers on leased land while searching for their own land to farm. Learning from successes and failures along the way, taking with them the knowledge from former farms, and finally being ever grateful to family and friends who support our dreams, we continue to look forward to the future of Kokoro Flowers.

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